Hemostix Rubber Stopper/Blood Collection Tube Rubber Stoppers

Hemostix rubber stopper/Blood collection tube rubber stoppers are used for disposable blood collection tube possesses excellent resistance of acid and alkali. With good self-sealing property and perfect vacuum keeping property, it has wide applications in various disposable blood collection tube. All hemostix stoppers manufactured under GMP control provides further quality guarantee for your safety and effectiveness. Welcome to inquiry.
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Product Details

SpecificationCrown DiameterCrown ThicknessPlug DiameterOverall Height

Hemostix rubber stopper/Blood collection tube rubber stoppers

Blood collection rubber stopper-1Blood collection rubber stopper-2
Hemostix rubber stopperRed hemostix rubber stopper
Blood collection rubber stopper-3Blood collection rubber stopper-5
Purple blood collection tube rubber stoppersGrey rubber stopper for the blood collection tube wholesale 

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