20mm Colorful Freeze Drying Rubber Stopper

20mm colorful freeze drying rubber stopper is also called Lyophilization Rubber Stopper.This rubber stopper is designed for lyophilized injection glass vials with 20mm neck ring finish. The production is finished under strict quality control and in conformity with National Standard. Welcome to ask the new arrival product.
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Crown DiameterCrown ThicknessPlug DiameterOverall HeightColor

Blue, Purple, Pink, 

Black, Red, Gray, Green, Yellow

20mm Freeze Drying Rubber Stopper

Rubber stopper blue-1

Rubber stopper purple

20mm Freeze Drying Rubber Stopper-Blue20mm Freeze Drying Rubber Stopper-Purple

Rubber stopper pink

Rubber stopper black

20mm Freeze Drying Rubber Stopper-Pink20mm Freeze Drying Rubber Stopper-Black

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