1.5ml Brown Chromatography Vials Lab Test Autosampler Screw Thread Vials

1.5ml brown chromatography vial autosampler screw thread vial is made of Type a borosilicate glass and used for lab testing. Printing label and filling lines on the vial surface is available.
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Size(mm)Mouth ThreadPackDescrition

amber glass,

label and filling lines.

1.5ml amber/brown autosampler screw thread vials chromatography vials with caps:

2ml amber autosampler vial-22ml amber autosampler vial-7
1.5ml brown autosampler screw top vial1.5ml amber autosampler vial with top closed cap
2ml amber autosampler vial-52ml amber autosampler vial-4
1.5ml amber autosampler vial with headspace cap1.5ml amber autosampler vial with closed top cap and septa

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