10ml Amber Glass Dropper Essential Oil Bottles

Amber/brown is the most popular color for glass dropper bottles in the market. Euro dropper cap,Child resistant cap,Aluminum cap, Glass pipette, Screw cap,etc is available. Hot stamping,Silk screen,Screen printing,Matte,Frosted,etc is optional. Welcome to inquiry and hope to a long relationship with you.
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Product Details


CapacityBody DiameterOverall HeightNeck Style
10ml24.8mm58.0mmDIN 18Amber/Brown

10ml amber glass dropper bottle with Caps:

10ml amber glass dropper bottle-110ml amber glass dropper bottle-2
10ml amber glass dropper bottle10ml brown glass dropper essential bottle
10ml amber glass dropper bottle-310ml amber glass dropper bottle-4
10ml amber bottle with Aluminum Cap10ml brown bottle with Regular Cap
10ml amber glass dropper bottle-510ml amber glass dropper bottle-6
10ml amber bottle with Tamper-evident Cap10ml amber bottle with Press-turn Cap
10ml amber glass dropper bottle-710ml amber glass dropper bottle-8
10ml amber bottle with Phenolic Cap10ml brown bottle with Glass Dropper and Teat

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