13mm Colorful Coated Aluminum Caps

13mm colorful coated aluminum caps are made of aluminum alloy 8011 in various colors. It fits for the vial bottles with 13mm mouth finish. Welcome to inquiry.
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Product Details

SpecificationInner DiameterInner Height

Various colors for 13mm colorful coated aluminum caps

13mm colorful aluminum cap-21

13mm aluminum cap-113mm aluminum cap-2
13mm green coated aluminum caps13mm red coated aluminum caps
13mm aluminum cap-313mm aluminum cap-4
13mm black coated aluminum caps13mm aluminum caps-original color
13mm aluminum cap-513mm aluminum cap-6
13mm blue coated aluminum caps13mm  blue-purple coated aluminum caps
13mm aluminum cap-713mm aluminum cap-8
13mm yellow coated aluminum caps13mm purple coated aluminum caps
13mm aluminum cap-913mm aluminum cap-10
13mm orange coated aluminum caps13mm gold coated aluminum caps
13mm aluminum cap-11/
13mm white coated aluminum caps/

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