The Characteristics Of Glass Bottles

- Apr 18, 2018-

A wide variety of glass bottles, from the capacity of the small bottle 1ML to more than 10 liters of large bottles, from the round, square, to the alien and with handle bottles, from colorless transparent amber, green, blue, black shade bottles and opaque milky glass bottles, and so on. In the manufacturing process, glass bottles are generally divided into molded bottles (using model bottles) and control bottles (glass control bottles) two major categories. Molded bottles are divided into large mouth bottles (mouth diameter of more than 30MM) and small mouth bottle two types. The former is used to contain powdery, blocky and pasty items, which are used for containing liquids. According to the shape of the bottle is divided into cork bottle, thread bottle, Uppermostpart mouth, rolling bottle, such as frosted bottle. According to the use of the use of a one-time is used to discard the "one bottle " and multiple turnover of the use of the "recycling bottle." According to the classification, can be divided into wine bottles, beverage bottles, oil bottles, canned bottles, acid bottles, medicine bottles, reagent bottles, infusion bottles, cosmetics bottles and so on.