Standardized System Of Medicinal Glass Bottles

- Apr 18, 2018-

According to the National Drug Control Administration on the formulation of pharmaceutical packaging standards according to the material, a material (variety) of a standard principle, medicinal glass bottles have been released and the standards to be released a total of 43.

Classified by standard type

Glass bottle

Glass bottle Three categories, the first category of product standards a total of 23, of these, 18 items have been published, 2004 plans have been published 5, the second type of test method standard 17, of which 10 has been published, 2004 has been published 7, and the third category of basic standards 3, of which 1 have been published and 2 to be published in 2004. The first category of product standard 23, according to the type of product is divided into 8 kinds, of which "mold injection bottle" 3 "Control injection Bottle" 3 "Glass Infusion Bottle" 3 "Mold Pharmaceutical Bottle" 3 "control bottle" 3 items, "Control oral Liquid Bottle" 3 items, "Bottle" 2 "Glass Medicine Tube" 3 (note: The product for processing all kinds of control bottles , ampoules, semi-finished products).