Characteristics Of Medicinal Glass Bottle Standard

- Apr 18, 2018-

The standard of medicinal glass bottles is an important branch of the standard system of pharmaceutical packaging materials. As medicinal glass bottles to direct contact with drugs, and some have to carry out a longer period of drug storage, medicinal glass bottle quality directly related to the quality of drugs, involving the health and safety of the person.

Therefore, pharmaceutical glass bottle standard with special, strict requirements, summed up with the following characteristics:

More systematic, comprehensive, enhance the selectivity of product standards, overcome the standard of product hysteresis

The new standard determines the same product according to different materials to develop the principles of different standards, greatly expanding the scope of the standard coverage, enhance the various types of new drug reiter to different glass materials, different performance products of applicability and selectivity, changed the general product standards for product development relative lag. For example, the new standard covers 8 kinds of medicinal glass bottle products, each product standard according to material, performance is divided into 3 categories, the first category is Borosilicate glass, the second type is low borosilicate glass, the third category is sodium calcium glass. Although a certain type of material of a product has not yet been produced, but the standards of such products have been introduced to solve the usual product production and then set the standard lag problem. Various types of different grades, different properties, different uses and dosage forms of drugs for various types of products and standards of different materials, with more flexibility, a greater choice of space.