Temperature-resistant and rapid degeneration of glass bottles

- Apr 19, 2018-

Different dosage forms of drugs in the production of high-temperature drying, sterilization or low-temperature freeze-dry process, which requires a good glass container to resist the drastic changes in temperature and not burst the ability. The temperature-resistance of glass is mainly related to thermal expansion coefficient, the lower the coefficient of thermal expansion, the stronger the ability of resisting temperature change. For example, many high-grade vaccine preparations, biological agents and lyophilized preparations should generally choose 3. 3 Borosilicate glass or 5. 0 Borosilicate Glass. Domestic production of low borosilicate glass to withstand the drastic changes in temperature difference, often prone to burst, the bottle off the bottom and other phenomena. 3 of China. 3 Borosilicate Glass has a great development, this kind of glass is especially suitable for lyophilized preparation, because its resistance to temperature is better than 5. 0 Borosilicate Glass.