Mechanical strength of glass bottles

- Apr 19, 2018-

Different dosage forms of drugs in the production process and transport loading and unloading need to undergo a certain degree of resistance to mechanical impact, in addition to the mechanical strength of medicinal glass bottles, such as bottle type, geometrical size and heat processing, glass material has certain influence on its mechanical strength, and the mechanical strength of borosilicate glass is better than that of sodium-calcium glass. The release and implementation of new standard for medicinal glass bottles will play a positive role in establishing a perfect and scientific standardization system, speeding up the integration with international standards and the world market, and promoting the quality of pharmaceutical packaging materials, ensuring the quality of medicines, accelerating industry development and international trade. Of course, as the entire pharmaceutical packaging standard system, the initial formation of medicinal glass bottle standard system There are many needs to further improve, improve and improve the problem, especially to adapt to the rapid development of the pharmaceutical industry, adapt to the requirements of international market integration. Adjustments and additions to the standards, content and indicators, and the adoption of international standards, in line with international markets, need to be adjusted and supplemented as appropriate.