Material classification of medicinal glass bottles

- Apr 19, 2018-

According to the material is divided into three categories, of which borosilicate glass 8, Borosilicate glass includes 6.1 borosilicate glass of α= (4~5) x10 (-6) K (-1) (20~300℃) and α= (3 2~3.4) X10 (-3) K (-3) (20~300℃). This kind of glass material is international neutral glass, usually also called Ⅰ class glass or grade a material. Low Boron silicate glass 8, low borosilicate glass for α= (6). 2~7 5) x10 ( -6) K (-1) (20~300℃). This kind of glass material for China's special can not be connected with international standards of quasi-neutral glass, usually also known as grade B material. Sodium-Calcium glass 7, sodium-calcium glass for α= (7). 6 ~ 9.

0 X10 (-6) K (-1) (20 ~300℃), this kind of glass material generally by vulcanization treatment, surface water resistance to reach 2 grade. The second type test method standard 17, these standards of testing basic coverage of medicinal glass bottles of various types of products, performance, indicators and other testing items, especially the glass chemical properties of the test reference to the ISO standard added new water resistance, alkali-resistant acid testing, in order to make medicinal glass bottles of various products to adapt to different properties, Dosage forms of drugs, the identification of chemical stability provides more, more comprehensive, more scientific detection methods, these methods to ensure the quality of medicinal glass bottles, so as to ensure the quality of drugs will play an important role. In addition, the detection method of the harmful element leaching quantity is added to ensure the safety of pharmaceutical bottles. The standard of testing methods for medicinal glass bottles needs further improvement.

For example, the test method of the alkali-resistant stripping of ampoule, the test method of breaking force and the method of resisting freezing impact test have important influence on the quality and application of medicinal glass bottles. The third kind of basic standard total 3, among them "medicinal glass bottle ingredient classification and the test method" is the reference ISO 12775-1997 "Normal large-scale production glass by the constituent and the test method", for the medicinal glass bottle ingredient classification and the test method standard has a clear definition, To differentiate the classification of glass materials in other industries. The other two basic standards of glass material components of the harmful elements of lead, cadmium and arsenic, antimony are limited to ensure that all kinds of drugs are safe and effective.