How to clean essential oil bottles

- Oct 29, 2018-

1. After the essential oil is used up, use a piece of paper with good water absorption to put it on the bottle mouth, and let the bottle stand upside down for about a day. The remaining oil will also flow down.

2. Use a pair of tweezers and then apply oil-absorbent paper to wipe the inside of the bottle. Once again, and then wipe it again with toilet paper, you can basically wipe off the surface.

3. Put the detergent on the water, pour it into the bottle, cover the bottle and shake it, then leave it for about 15 minutes, pour it off, then add it again. Repeat 3 times and rinse with water.

4. Wipe the inner wall of the bottle with a paper towel, open the lid and put it in a window or a ventilated place to ventilate it. If it is urgent, you can blow it directly with a hair dryer. Don't get too hot.