Glass Material Properties

- Apr 19, 2018-

The thermal expansion coefficient specified in the new standard is α,3. 3 Borosilicate glass and 5. 0 Borosilicate Glass Two types are completely in line with international standards. Low borosilicate glass for China-specific, international standards do not have such material products. The sodium-calcium glass ISO is defined as α= (8~10) x10 (-6) K (-1), the new standard is α= (7 6~9.0) X10 (-6) K (-1), and the indicator is slightly stricter than the international standard. The new standard, 3. 3 Borosilicate glass, 5. 0 boron-silicon glass and sodium-calcium glass in the 121 ℃ particle water resistance of the material chemical properties are consistent with international standards. In addition, the 3 types of glass, the chemical composition of boron oxide (b-2o-3) content of the provisions are fully in line with international standards.