Change of standard content to trade standard

- Apr 19, 2018-

The new standard format and the establishment of the project reference to the People's Republic of China Pharmacopoeia preparation format, the standard name according to the material, application, shape of the order format. The project was established to identify the material types of glass by the thermal expansion coefficient and the content of boron trioxide. Standard content of primary and secondary, focused, the main performance indicators and the definition of harmful elements included in the text, as a mandatory indicator. The appearance of the indicators stipulated that there should be no obvious defects, the specific appearance of the product defects such as bubbles, stones, stripes and surface defects can be determined by the supply and demand parties by agreement, standard or contract attachment and other forms. The new standard also includes standard appendix as a recommended item for specification size. To meet the market diversification and new varieties, new modelling needs, but the author believes that the standard appendix of the size of the tolerance should be mandatory, to ensure that the product specifications dimensional tolerance accuracy and product use performance.