Company Profile JOTOP GLASS JOTOP GLASS started with pharmaceutical glass business in china since 2010. We continuously move forward and always concentrate on supplying pharmaceutical glass bottles vials and related rubber stoppers and caps to be matched.

Hot Products

    • Glucose Bottle

      Glucose Bottle

      Glucose Bottle are manufactured from soda lime glass which applied to intravenous drip for supplement energy purpose. The normal specification scope covers 50ml, 100ml, 250ml and 500ml with 32mm and 28mm crimp top open in transparent color. Butyl rubber stoppers and aluminum caps or flip off caps can match them very well.

    • Euro Dropper Bottles

      Euro Dropper Bottles

      Euro dropper bottles are a self dispensing dropper bottle for ideally packing liquid such as essential oils, fragrances, herbal extracts and liquid health products. These bottles are made of glass materials and come in clear (flint), amber, cobalt blue and green with standard 18mm screw thread neck finish. Dropper insert and tamper evident cap are the perfect assortments with euro dropper bottles.

    • Amber Wide Mouth Glass Bottles

      Amber Wide Mouth Glass Bottles

      Amber wide mouth bottles are manufactured from glass materials with a wide opening to package tablets ideally. The amber color can provide ultraviolet wavelengths protection for light sensitive solids. A variety of GPI screw caps ranging from 33mm to 53mm are the best choice for amber wide mouth glass bottles.